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I like sunsets, long walks on the beach and learning how to do a fucking infinite.
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The Witchwood card tracker
The Witchwood will be Hearthstone's first Year of the Raven expansion, and is set to introduce new keywords, deck-building challenges and another single-player challenge mode.
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How a Team No One Believed In Beat League's Arrogant Gods
The MAD Lions weren't supposed to win – period. They were the underdogs. A team no one believed could win playoffs. They were infamously bad on LAN, had a team with plenty of rookies and...
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Proof That Valorant Isn't JUST for CS:GO Players
In his Overwatch League days, Corey's incredible aim earned him a reputation as one of the aim gods of the game. But the meta wasn’t exactly favorable to DPS players, who left the OW pro...
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From Baby ScreaM to CS:GO Prodigy: Nivera's Quest to Be More Than His Brother
If you haven't heard of Nivera, you’ve probably heard of his brother - one of the most mechanically gifted players in CS:GO's history - ScreaM. But ScreaM’s CS:GO career faded from glory...
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He Went Through Hell to Conquer Valorant
Over the past year, ShahZaM transformed Sentinels into the best Valorant team in NA. But just a few years ago, he was a struggling CS:GO player who had an important decision to make. He...
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The Criminal Origins of CS:GO's Most Controversial Skin
When Valve first introduced the skin market back in 2013, no one could have predicted that, one day, a skin would sell for six figures. There are plenty of iconic CS:GO skins: the Dragon...
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He Survived Cheating Accusations and Death Threats to Become Valorant's Next Prodigy
Nathan "leaf" Orf was one of most exciting, promising young CS:GO players in the world. He came out of nowhere, and everyone was talking about him.But everything changed when he was...
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How the U.S. Army Lost the War for Twitch
So, some of you folks may have heard that the US Army has caught a lot of flak from the esports and streaming world over the last couple of days. From cringe tweets, to allegedly fake...
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Why Are There So Many Sexual Misconduct Allegations in Smash Bros?
So, if you’ve been on the internet at all in the last two weeks or so, you’ve seen an incredible amount of allegations of sexual misconduct in various gaming communities. From people...
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How the Oldest Esport in the World Did the Impossible and Conquered Twitch
On Twitch, games come and go. The biggest streamers can bring new titles a lot of attention, but most hot games on Twitch are fads, brand new titles that don’t have staying power. But...
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Twitch's War on Simps
Twitch is going to war.And no, I don’t mean they’re doing something about the weird inconsistent bans, or the scam streams, or the people looping VODs to keep people watching their...
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A Matchfixing Scandal Got This Pro Banned For Years
How does a team pick up the biggest fine in esports history? How did Rogue Warriors, a Chinese League of Legends team, end up having to shell out nearly half a million dollars last week?...
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The Whole Story Behind The Doublelift Drama
Well, North American League of Legends might be in the off-season but the drama has not stopped coming. What started off as outrage over a potential conflict of interest with Doublelift...
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The Top 10 Insane Chess Moments That Will Get you Hype
Chess might be an ancient game, but over the last few months, it’s huge again.You might think that traditional esports are the only games with hype moments and hilarious mistakes but...
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How a Developer Nearly Killed Its Own Game
If you’ve paid attention to Twitch lately, you might be asking: why are so many people watching Old School RuneScape? This 20-year-old MMO is one of most popular games on the internet,...
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Why Do People Keep Picking This Sh*tty Character?
There are video game characters we love. There are video game characters we hate. There are even characters we love to hate. But then, there are characters that are loved despite giving...
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The Top 10 Insane Esports Strats that ACTUALLY Worked
When it comes to top tier esports competition, strats win games. But sometimes, you just have to throw all that out the window and do something truly crazy. That’s why we wanted to...
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The Top 10 Banned and Controversial Skins
Skins can be banned for all kinds of reasons. They can threaten the competitive integrity of a game, they can be at the heart of political controversies, or they can just be too sexy....
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They Never Cheated: The Top 10 Falsely Accused Players
Cheating is a cardinal sin in esports, and even just being accused of it can seriously damage a pro player’s career. These are the stories of players who were dragged down by false...