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Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore eSports. His main expertise is in the professional Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. scenes, but writes LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO, Hearthstone and Heroes news as well. You can usually find him linking crouch forward to Hadouken.
Twitter: @Daniel_Rosen
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The Witchwood card tracker
The Witchwood will be Hearthstone's first Year of the Raven expansion, and is set to introduce new keywords, deck-building challenges and another single-player challenge mode.
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What is Cosplay? A Tale of Passionate Fans, Peanut Butter and...Sewage?!
For as long as fandom has existed, people have found creative ways to celebrate whatever it is they’re passionate about – whether it’s through off-the-wall fan-fiction, incredible fan...
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What is The Economy? And Why is Valve Paying You to Lose?
When you play CS:GO, there’s a lot to pay attention to. Things like sound cues, team comms, utility usage. What strats are your opponents running? Who’s going to what bombsite? Did anyone...
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What is a Lootbox? The Story Behind Gaming's Most Dangerous and Delightful Addiction
Whether you like it or not – when you buy a loot box, you’re gambling. Sure, it seems like you’re just harmlessly spending a few bucks on random skins. But what you’re actually doing is...
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Whether You Like it or Not, Magic is an Esport Now
Whether you like it or not, Magic is an esport.This past weekend, we saw the Mythic Invitational, MTG Arena's first major tournament. With a million dollars on the line, great matches and...
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Melee Is Not At Evo. But That Doesn't Mean It's Dead
Contrary to popular belief, Melee is not dead. Being at EVO is the most important thing in fighting games, at least from the outside looking in. And in any other franchise, a newer,...
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What is Tilt? The Gentle Art of Not Losing Your Sh*t in Esports
Tilt is the scourge of competitors everywhere and it affects everyone. From the hopeless bottom-dwellers of bronze-tier, all the way up to the apex predators of the esports world: no one...
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How dizzy Became Apex's First Legend
Battle Royale games breed Twitch superstars. In less than a month, dizzy’s gone from being an everyday kid to living the dream. He’s become one of the game’s first professional players,...
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The Top 10 Most Annoying Smash Ultimate Characters to Play Against
With 74 playable fighters and 103 stages in the base game, Smash Ultimate features more content than any Smash game in history. And while we love all the characters in this Nintendo...
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How Rangchu Did The Impossible With One of Tekken's Worst Characters
What makes someone risk it all for the game they love? Why would someone play a character everyone has written off, when they’re trying to become the best player in the world? And what...
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What is a Gank? The History of Online Gaming's Most Brutal Ambushes
Ganking is the act of ruining someone’s day by grouping up with at least one other player to ambush and kill them. If you’ve watched or played any competitive MOBA in the last 10 years,...
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The Worst CS:GO Tournament Ever
One LAN has lived in infamy as the worst event, ever. It was the Fyre Festival of gaming, with missing computers, confiscated passports, and of course, not a cent of prize money paid out....
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CS:GO Has a Problem: Why Big Money is Afraid of the Game
Counter-Strike has a problem. It’s not the rampant cheaters, terrible in-client matchmaking or the abysmal tick rate. It’s the fact that some of the biggest companies in the world aren’t...
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What is Teemo? The Bizarre Conception of League's Annoying Mascot
No matter what game you play, there’s something you hate playing against. Most of the time it’s something cheesy, or broken. But sometimes, you hate something not because it’s good, but...
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The Final Clash of the Samsung Civil War
Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, there’s one goal that every competitor shares. The allure of absolutely redefining your game, breaking the mould when it matters most and overcoming...
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The Story of Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros. is a game that means many things to many people.It’s the ultimate party game. It’s the peak of competition. And most importantly, it’s a community. For two decades,...
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Why is Denmark so good at esports?
Denmark is a country of only 5.7 million but has contributed some of the best esports talents of this generation. Esports has become a part of Denmark’s DNA. The nation’s most successful...
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Sneaky is really, really good at cosplay
Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi is one of the most prolific AD carries in the history of North American League of Legends. He’s a fixture in the Cloud 9 bot-lane, someone who’s always a threat...
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The Story of Tokido
There are few people who can truly claim to be legends. And even fewer who can live up to the meaning of the word. Tokido is perhaps the most decorated fighting game player in history....