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Dimitri Pascaluta
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Content Creator. PhD Student in English at UofT. Spams Earth Spirit, Hibana and Moira.
Games: Dota 2
Twitter: @DPascaluta
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How a Creative Cringelord Freed Esports Broadcasts From Being Boring as F@*k
What makes an esports caster legendary?Is it their innate ability to perfectly capture exactly what you’re feeling? Their ingenious ability to improvise that raises the hair on the back...
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How a Controller-Wielding Shotgun Spammer Started Sh*tting on Valorant Pros
It doesn’t matter what game you play, you’re always going to encounter psychopaths in match-making. But among the trolls, the obvious aimbotters and the testosterone fueled baby ragers,...
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Homeless to Pro: He One Tapped Shroud and It Changed His Life
Picture this: you’re Shroud and you load into an Apex Legends server. You cruise your way into the final three, are gearing up to take that easy dub, and then, out of nowhere, you get...
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The Rise and Fall of CS:GO's Most Iconic Pistol Player
What does it take to be the absolute best at something? Is it an unwavering, unquestionable self-belief? Is it the countless hours of grueling practice? Maybe it’s just a natural,...
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How a Head Injury Inspired a Kid on Reddit to Create Rocket League's Sexiest Mechanic
Plenty of esports have specific moves that are nicknamed by their community. Whether it’s CS:GO, VALORANT, Rainbow Six: Siege or League of Legends, players around the world often race...
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How a Middle-Aged Mom Accidentally Upstaged a League of Legends Superstar
Sponsored By GEICO - Having your quiet life invaded by League of Legends diehards may not be easy, but you know what is? Switching to GEICO – 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car...
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How a Cracked Controller God Became Dr. Disrespect's Secret Weapon
Whether we’re talking about the earliest days of Justin.tv or Twitch’s current, continuing surge in popularity, online streaming has always been about entertainment. The success stories...
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He Survived Cheating Accusations and Death Threats to Become Valorant's Next Prodigy
Nathan "leaf" Orf was one of most exciting, promising young CS:GO players in the world. He came out of nowhere, and everyone was talking about him.But everything changed when he was...
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How the Oldest Esport in the World Did the Impossible and Conquered Twitch
On Twitch, games come and go. The biggest streamers can bring new titles a lot of attention, but most hot games on Twitch are fads, brand new titles that don’t have staying power. But...
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The Weeby Wonderkid Who Became Valorant's First 'W' Warrior
Tactical shooters have been a force in online gaming for over two decades. These games have developed a core set of values over the years, with each player filling a specific role for...
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<br />The Top 10 Dumbest Ways to Die in Esports
There’s no embarrassment quite like the shame you feel when you die for the dumbest reasons possible. Whether you got hit in the head with a flashbang or you fell off a cliff and watched...
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The Top 10 Things YOU Hate in Rainbow Six: Siege
Rainbow Six Siege is a wonderful game. We love it! But sometimes, it really sucks. And yet, we keep playing it. We love it, but we also kind of hate it. So to celebrate our weird twisted...
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How CS:GO's Sloth-Like Superstar Vibed His Way to a Grand Slam
It’s no secret that esports competitors can be extremely regimented in how they play. But this isn’t just about weuird, organizational quirks. It's about what they say about those who’ve...
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Valve Just BANNED All Coaches From CS:GO... Sort Of
Roughly six months ago, the abuse of a spectator bug caused a massive coaching scandal and rocked the CS:GO scene. Three coaches were initially banned, 37 coaches were eventually found...
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The Brilliant Beefcake Who Bench-Pressed the Gods of CS:GO
These days, esports’ biggest stars routinely dismantle old stereotypes about ‘gamer’ health. How? Uh, well, by getting swole. But I think it’s fair to say that all of them shrink in...
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Built Different, Built to Last: The Retired Legend Who Came Back to Run-Over CS:GO
Unlike many of his French kinsmen, Cedric 'RpK' Guipouy has long been regarded as an altogether unemotional assailant. A silent yet slippery sentinel who’s strong in any position and able...
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How a Filthy Casual Risked Everything to Save Siege's Scrubbiest Players
Some of us are born with an innate talent that manifests itself at a young age - a God-given mastery of a game that can carry you through the craziest situations.But for most of us, the...
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How Siege's Greatest Prodigy Created a Cult of Cracked Copycats
In every esport, there are those truly sick superstars whose inhuman achievements everyone not only admires but, every once in a while, seeks to imitate. And in the world of Rainbow Six:...
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The Controversial Grind That Turned a Panda into WoW's Most Famous Pacifist
Sponsored By GEICO - Leveling up as a pacifist in World of Warcraft may not be easy, but you know what is? Switching to GEICO – 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance:...