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Dimitri Pascaluta
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Content Creator. PhD Student in English at UofT. Spams Earth Spirit, Hibana and Moira.
Games: Dota 2
Twitter: @DPascaluta
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How One Streamer’s Ridiculous Crusade Made Siege’s Ultimate Meme a Reality
Everybody wishes that they were in charge of balancing their favourite game. Everyone wishes that they could complain to their heart’s content, and have a developer at their beck and...
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The Top 10 One-in-a-Million Plays in Esports
Sometimes, esports isn’t JUST about skill, prowess or strategy. Some of our favourite plays of all time weren’t born solely out of someone outplaying, out thinking or outmaneuvering their...
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Why is Esports Lore So F@#!ing Bad? | OverExplained
The relationship between esports titles and their in-game stories, or lore, is pretty weird. Some games have almost none. Others had to build a story to justify why the game exists at...
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How Valve Nearly Destroyed One of Their Most Beloved Games
The Crate Depression, as it's known now, sent Team Fortress 2’s economy into a tailspin. And just like the market collapse of the 1930s, things were going slightly off the rails before...
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The Man Who Conquered His Demons and Became the God of Dota
For a long time, people thought that Anathan “ana” Pham was one of the most overrated players in Dota. A self-conscious sixteen-year-old who just didn’t have the mental fortitude to cut...
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What is Hacking? How Harmless Pranksters Became Gaming's Gutless Cheaters
In a world where the most popular video games are online, there exists a better class of criminal. Rogues who refuse to play by the digitally-coded rules. Villains who can be as absurd as...
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How Siege's Teenage Prodigy Went From Suspect to Superstar
Since creating his channel in 2016, Jason "Beaulo" Doty has amassed one of the most fanatical followings in esports. Regularly uploading montage videos in which he makes Diamonds look...
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What is Techies? How EG Weaponized Dota's Greatest Meme Hero at TI
Techies. The name alone evokes a certain kind of reaction. On-top of being the most rage-inspiring character in Dota, Techies is the troll pick that all others wish they could be. So what...
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The Story of Twistzz
At first glance, Twistzz seems like your usual, carefree superstar. He’s a cool, cocky nineteen-year-old who’s made well over half a million dollars playing Counter-Strike. His fans want...
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Top 10 Clown Fiestas in League of Legends
There are those lovely matches in League of Legends where the throne means nothing, and kills mean everything. Where wins and losses don’t matter, but kills do. Moments where two teams...
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Valve's Greatest Failure
At this point, calling Artifact a dead game would be disrespectful to dead games. Defense of the Ancients, Counter-Strike 1.6 and StarCraft: Brood War are "dead" games, and there are...
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The Story of Jjonak
Often, greatness carries with it, the cries of its admirers and those who wield it, make sure you know it. But sometimes, the greatest among us let their action, speak louder than words....
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The Story of Pokimane
Twitch chat is juxtaposed overtop of Pokimane’s webcam feed. Pepe the frog emotes run northbound on the right side of the screen frantically. She just won the Twitch Rivals League of...
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The Top 10 Incredible Tekken 7 Underdog Moments
A few weeks ago we brought you The Top 10 Tekken 7 comeback rounds, but as we all know, a single round doesn’t tell the whole story of match. A comeback begins when you’ve fallen behind,...
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The Top 10 Worst League of Legends Metas
We can all agree that League of Legends is a great game, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. We’ve seen everything from broken champions that can kill you without breaking a...
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EZ4ENCE: From Laughingstock to Global Contender
ENCE are not a likely powerhouse.They started out as a joke. But against every odd, they’ve become not only Major finalists but, as of right now, one of the best teams in the world. But...
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The Top 10 Ceiling Shots in Rocket League
Rocket League is a game with an incredibly high skill ceiling, and nothing is a greater indication of that than the shots that make use of that ceiling So, without further ado, here are...
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The Story Of Tfue
Fortnite, is a game changer. It’s theatre, it’s art, it’s competition, it’s celebrity and it’s showing us all what limitless can mean. It has the ability to elevate its heroes to levels...
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Melee Is Not At Evo. But That Doesn't Mean It's Dead
Contrary to popular belief, Melee is not dead. Being at EVO is the most important thing in fighting games, at least from the outside looking in. And in any other franchise, a newer,...