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Dimitri Pascaluta
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Content Creator. PhD Student in English at UofT. Spams Earth Spirit, Hibana and Moira.
Games: Dota 2
Twitter: @DPascaluta
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The Controversial Loudmouth Who Became CS:GO's Most Iconic Rager
Mohamad "m0E" Assad is loud, animated and hilarious. Not only has the former pro CS player created some of the funniest and most recognizable soundbites in Counter-Strike history, but...
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Esports’ Worst Dream Team: The Hilarious Disaster That Was Delta Fox
What can you expect when you create a roster stacked with superstars? Occasionally, you get to see a real synergy of talent and flashes of greatness. Now and then, you see dominant...
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The Fighting Game God Cursed to Suck Until September
Some of esports’ most legendary and adored players have earned almost mythical titles. And in most cases, these monikers are worn like badges of honor, commemorating the unparalleled...
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The Cocky Underdog Who Tried to Monetize Dick Pics at a CS:GO Major
Every accomplished professional can think back on that one moment where they were able to look around, smile, and say with absolute certainty, I’ve made it.And in CS:GO one of those...
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The Ingenious Dumbass Who Can't Stop Throwing
Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao is one of the coin-flippiest competitive gamers alive and he’s developed a reputation for doing things that are so transparently absurd that it genuinely isn’t...
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The Rise and Fall of CS:GO's Unkickable Bad Boy
Lincoln “fnx” Lau is a problem. The two-time CS:GO Major winning, tatted-up Brazilian bad boy might be incredibly talented, but off the server he's known for being problem-causing...
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The Polite Killer Who Became the Clutch King of Counter-Strike
Whenever anyone talks about great teams in esports, they usually just want to talk about the superstars. But as often as these gods might bask in the warmth of the spotlight, sometimes...
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The Major-Winning Matchfixer Who Dodged a Lifetime Ban
There comes a time in every player’s career when they have to put it all on the line for a chance to win big. A moment where they throw caution to the wind and simply hope for the best....
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The Drunken Master Who Became Smash’s Shameless God
Sponsored by Grubhub - Today's Offbeat is brought to you by Grubhub, helping bring your favorite dishes safely to your door with contact-free delivery. Use the link below for $10 off with...
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The CS:GO Legend Who Terrorizes Scrubs With His Toxic Persona
Everybody has a different way of coping with the chaotic, soul-destroying nightmare that is solo queue. Whether it’s leavers, cheaters, team-killers, loud-mouthed silvers, or people who...
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The Top 10 Insane League Strats That Actually Worked
League of Legends is a game where the meta is constantly shifting. Every patch is different, with certain champions and strategies usually being the right pick. Which means there are...
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The Best, Worst Player Ever: The Enigma of CS:GO’s Most Unpredictable AWPer
In Counter-Strike, players aren’t just trying to lift comically large cheques and trophies, they’re looking to write themselves into history.There are legends who will be remembered for...
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The Rise of Siege's Reigning King of Rage
Usually, when someone tunes into a world champion’s Twitch stream, it’s to see them do something crazy. To watch and learn as these digital gods provide a routine demonstration of why...
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The Superstar Being Sabotaged By His Own Alter Ego
Even the greatest esports players have bad days at the office. But in League of Legends, there’s one superstar in particular who has become known for his consistent ability to reach the...
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Top 10 Upsets in Rainbow Six Siege
When it comes to esports, we usually talk about the dynasties. People love to focus on those top teams and players that keep winning and crushing their opponents. But the little guys...
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The Infamous YouTuber Breaking Rainbow Six Siege with Cheese
What if we told you that the life mission of one of the most celebrated content creators in Rainbow Six: Siege was to break it? To employ a mixture of genius, deceit and destruction to...
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The Incredible AWPer Cursed to Miss CS:GO’s Easiest Shots
Everyone misses their shots now and then.Even the sharpest of shooters occasionally throw away free kills because of momentary lapses in concentration. But what if these events weren't...
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Why a Misfit Millionaire Sacrificed His Ferrari to Esports' First God
These days, esports’ biggest players are basically nerdy rockstars. They’re wearing thousand dollar shoes, driving flashy sports cars and even starring in overly obnoxious Doritos...
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How an Out of Control Genius Hijacked Esports' Biggest Tournament
The International is the crown jewel of Valve’s esports empire. And every year, millions of people tune in to watch the best Dota 2 teams in the world fight over Gaben’s pocket change....