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Keith Capstick
Associate Content Creator


Still avoiding the "real world."
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The Story of Olofmeister
Nowhere do the powers of good and evil enchant fans quite like they do in competition. Where the hero can morph into the villain and right back again in the blink of an eye. It’s in this...
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theScore esports Daily (Dec. 13): Virtus.pro pulls out of CS:GO until further notice, NA LCS rebrands as the LCS and Cody Sun joins Clutch's Academy team
theScore esports Daily is a once-a-day briefing covering the top news stories from around the world of esports.Virtus.pro's CS:GO lineup pulls out of competitive playVirtus.pro's CS:GO...
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Virtus.pro CS:GO roster to stop competing
Virtus.pro is taking a step back from competitive Counter Strike. Keith Capstick is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.
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DoA talks OWL's future, what franchising means for League of Legends and esports at large and looks back at his career casting with MonteCristo
3:10 - How far do you see Overwatch League going?10:10 - Do you think Overwatch has trouble making superstars?15:17 - DoA on LoL franchising18:35 - What's unique about Monte and DoA...
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Riot announces franchised teams for new European league
Six current EU LCS teams will join four returning and new orgs in a new, franchised League in Europe, Riot announced Tuesday morning.The move comes with a name change — the EU LCS has...
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Jensen joins Team Liquid
Nicolai "Jensen" Jensen has left Cloud9 for Team Liquid. Keith Capstick is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.
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The Story Of Call of Duty
Let’s be frank — everybody knows about, or at least has heard of, Call of Duty.The popular first person shooter that revolutionized the genre with its World War 2 themed original title...
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What is Solo Queue? The rise of competitive online matchmaking
As many of us know, the path to the big money contracts, the bright lights of the stage and the bro hugs in endless confetti showers is paved by thousands of hours spent in front of a...
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Skadoodle retires from pro CS:GO
Skadaddy has left CS:GO. “I could talk about what Skadoodle has meant to Cloud9 for years and it still wouldn’t be enough," wrote Jack Etienne, Cloud9's CEO and Co-Founder in a press...
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The Story of Seagull
Every game needs a face. An ambassador to lift it from the screen and give it the kind of intrinsic value that makes us fall in love. When Overwatch was in its infancy, its faithful...
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The Story of NiKo
Leaders bring out the best in us. They push us beyond our limits. Isolate our strengths. And refine our weaknesses. Leaders show up when the odds aren’t in our favour. When it feels like...
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How top streamers like Ninja, Shroud and DrDisRespect can make or break a new game
There was a time where we felt that we had to justify this nerdy stuff to the outside world. We had to tell people that the accelerated popularity of gaming was something worth paying...
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The Top 10 Hilarious League of Legends Misplays
Sometimes a play is so epic, so perfect that it lives on forever in League of Legends as an iconic moments. Unfortunately the same can be said for misplays. From failed Baron calls and...
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The Story of The International
In the pursuit of greatness, we are asked to give our lives away. To relinquish our time. Our energy. And our bodies. All to reach the top of our chosen field. To become the greatest to...
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TobiWan on the future of prize pools at The International, improvements to the DPC and why Team Liquid vs Virtus.pro is his 'dream final' at TI8
13:55 - How has the DPC has helped Dota 2 as an esport?18:30 - Could Liquid be the first back-to-back champions?36:45 - Are compendiums/battle passes a good thing for the scene?43:22 - Is...
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The quest to make Fortnite competitive: Fortnite Fridays, the Summer Skirmish and the Pro Am
What if we told you that as many as 8.8 million unique viewers were watching the same Fortnite competition every Friday. A tournament that’s not even run by Fortnite developer Epic Games,...
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The Top 10 Misplays in Dota 2
Dota 2 is a game of complex decisions, thanks to the countless interactions between hero abilities and items. One ability can be the difference between winning and losing a team fight....
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DrLupo on EPIC’s all-in Fortnite esports play: 'It's a hundred freaking million dollars. That's insanity'
2:00 - Tell us about your Find your Grind and 'All the Work' charity initiatives12:00 - How do you feel about Epic Games' $100 M commitment to esports?15:00 - What needs to change about...
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The Top 10 Most Dominant League of Legends Rosters of All-Time
Professional League of Legends has been around since mid-2010, and since then we’ve seen some incredible rosters rise and fall. But which five-man roster reigns supreme throughout the...