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F@*k Icebox: How Valorant's Worst Map Became Its Most Important
There are a lot of reasons Icebox is the most hated map in Valorant. People hate the way it’s designed, the way it makes you play the game, and even how it launched with a bunch of stupid...
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How A Busted Shoulder Turned a FedEx Delivery Guy into Valorant's Omen God
Hey everyone. Please be advised, this video discusses suicide and suicidal ideation. If you're dealing with thoughts of self harm, here are some links we hope can be helpful. U.S.:...
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How a Controller-Wielding Shotgun Spammer Started Sh*tting on Valorant Pros
It doesn’t matter what game you play, you’re always going to encounter psychopaths in match-making. But among the trolls, the obvious aimbotters and the testosterone fueled baby ragers,...
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How a Head Injury Inspired a Kid on Reddit to Create Rocket League's Sexiest Mechanic
Plenty of esports have specific moves that are nicknamed by their community. Whether it’s CS:GO, VALORANT, Rainbow Six: Siege or League of Legends, players around the world often race...
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He Went Through Hell to Conquer Valorant
Over the past year, ShahZaM transformed Sentinels into the best Valorant team in NA. But just a few years ago, he was a struggling CS:GO player who had an important decision to make. He...
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How the Oldest Esport in the World Did the Impossible and Conquered Twitch
On Twitch, games come and go. The biggest streamers can bring new titles a lot of attention, but most hot games on Twitch are fads, brand new titles that don’t have staying power. But...
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The Weeby Wonderkid Who Became Valorant's First 'W' Warrior
Tactical shooters have been a force in online gaming for over two decades. These games have developed a core set of values over the years, with each player filling a specific role for...
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How a Developer Nearly Killed Its Own Game
If you’ve paid attention to Twitch lately, you might be asking: why are so many people watching Old School RuneScape? This 20-year-old MMO is one of most popular games on the internet,...