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Sebastien Martin-Schultz
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Esports enthusiast who makes music, likes to lift and is big on memes.
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The Top 10 Times CS:GO Glitches F@#ked over the Pros
At this point, CS:GO is a pretty old game. It came out eight years ago, and while it’s been getting a lot of love lately, it really shows its age sometimes. Throughout its history, CS:GO...
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theScore esports Awards 2019
Welcome to the theScore esports Awards 2019. Now, this isn’t your mom and dad’s black tie award show. This shit’s going to be different. Let’s be frank, the best part about award shows is...
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The Neckbeard Streamer Dominating Twitch
So World of Warcraft has been blowing up on Twitch, and one guy is pulling viewership numbers that are just nuts. His name, is Asmongold. And lately, he’s had more eyes on him than...
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Best of The International 2019
We’ve once again witnessed what can only be described as an incredible International If OG weren’t already the greatest org in Dota history, they certainly are now. But an unlikely repeat...
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Best of EVO 2019
Another EVO has come and gone. The world’s most prestigious fighting game tournament gets bigger every year and in 2019 we of course had 9 games, 10 streams and more than 14 thousand (non...
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Top 10 Clown Fiestas in League of Legends
There are those lovely matches in League of Legends where the throne means nothing, and kills mean everything. Where wins and losses don’t matter, but kills do. Moments where two teams...
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The Top 10 Things You Hate to See in CS:GO
Intermittent rage and Counter-strike go together a bit too well. From getting CS:GO’d to forgetting the bomb in spawn, no one is immune to this stuff, not even the pros. So whether it’s...
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What is Inting? The Blurry Line Between Trolling and Being Trash
If you want to get better at League of Legends, you’ll need a few qualities. You'll have to be dedicated, patient, and driven by an insatiable hunger to learn and improve. But not...
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The Top 10 Incredible Tekken 7 Underdog Moments
A few weeks ago we brought you The Top 10 Tekken 7 comeback rounds, but as we all know, a single round doesn’t tell the whole story of match. A comeback begins when you’ve fallen behind,...
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The Top 10 Worst League of Legends Metas
We can all agree that League of Legends is a great game, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. We’ve seen everything from broken champions that can kill you without breaking a...
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Why is Valve Wasting Our Time? CS:GO's Battle Royale Gets an Update and Still Sucks
Last week CS:GO debuted a new map and new changes to its Battle Royale mode, Danger Zone.But while the new experience is a cut above Blacksite, it is still, according to theScore's Colin...
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The Top 10 Ceiling Shots in Rocket League
Rocket League is a game with an incredibly high skill ceiling, and nothing is a greater indication of that than the shots that make use of that ceiling So, without further ado, here are...
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The Top 10 Most Annoying Smash Ultimate Characters to Play Against
With 74 playable fighters and 103 stages in the base game, Smash Ultimate features more content than any Smash game in history. And while we love all the characters in this Nintendo...
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Melee Is Not At Evo. But That Doesn't Mean It's Dead
Contrary to popular belief, Melee is not dead. Being at EVO is the most important thing in fighting games, at least from the outside looking in. And in any other franchise, a newer,...