theScore esports Daily (Feb. 12): London Spitfire win Overwatch League Stage 1, CS Summit 3 date announced and friberg confirms free agency

by Colin McNeil, Keith Capstick Feb 12
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London Spitfire win Overwatch League Stage 1

The London Spitfire were victorious in the first ever Overwatch League stage playoffs this past weekend. The Spitfire beat the New York Excelsior 3-2 in a marathon affair to take the title.

Stage 2 begins on Feb. 21.

The league's commissioner, Nate Nanzer, remarked on Twitter about making changes to the schedule for the Stage 2 finals. On Sunday fans had to sit through a full five matches of Overwatch in one day. Nanzer said that in the future they'll try to limit the Sunday matches for a better viewing experience.

friberg confirms free agency

Adam "friberg" Friberg has confirmed his release from OpTic Gaming, less than a week after the NA org announced the signing of Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz, Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke, Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan, Nicklas "gade" Gade and René "cajunb" Borg.

friberg joined OpTic in August of 2017 as the in-game leader for an all-European squad.

In a TwitLonger released Monday, friberg said he was proud of his time with OpTic and the team's results.

"We had some issues with our map pool which made us a bit weaker in the play-off stages of tournaments," he wrote, "but we made it out of groups in everyone we attended except for the ECS finals, ended up ranked #11 in the world after just a few months playing as a team, which I am proud of."

The Swede said he will continue to look for a new team to play with going forward.

Counter-Strike Summit 3 date announced

Just as Team Liquid took down the CS Summit 2 this past weekend, details for the next iteration of the event were released.

CS Summit 3 will take place this fall from Oct. 11-14.

Liquid defeated reigning Major champions Cloud9 on Sunday to win the event.

reltuC in for RONIN as Jonji steps down

Stephen "reltuC" Cutler has joined RONIN's Counter-Strike team in place of Jonathan "Jonji" Carey, according to a Tweet from Dylan "RIKO" Sabin-Arnce on Monday.

Jonji's decision to step away from the team is intended to give him more time to focus on his education, according to his TwitLonger on the subject. Jonji joined the team from Rise Nation less than a month ago.

ESL suspend rule on roster changes to allow Liquid, VP and Renegades to field new lineups

ESL has suspended one of its rules to allow Team Liquid, and Renegades to play with their newly updated rosters at IEM Katowice, the organization announced on Twitter Monday.

The rule states that teams may not field players who have played for another team within 120 days of the event.

ESL's full statement is as follows:

"The intention behind the rule is to counteract frequent and hostile roster-changes, to ensure more affluent teams can't poach talent from lesser affluent teams and to encourage stability within the professional scene. However, in its present iteration the rule severely limits the talent pool for teams that need to switch players in the time-frame between a qualifier and the main event.

Since several teams were affected and limited by this rule leading into Katowice we have decided to suspend this rule for this particular event."

Michał "MICHU" Müller will be allowed to play with, Keith "NAF" Markovic will be able to play with Liquid and Renegades will be allowed to play with NAF's unannounced replacement.

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