G2 bench shox, trial mixwell

by Keith Capstick Mar 9
Thumbnail image courtesy of Esports Championship Series

Richard "shox" Papillion has been benched from G2 Esports' Counter Strike: Global Offensive roster. The team has added Oscar "mixwell" Cañellas to take his spot on a trial basis.

G2 also announced that Nathan "NBK" Schmitt will be taking over the in-game leading responsibilities during this trial period.

Lastly, the team's coach Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux has stepped down from his position "indefinitely" in order to try to work on improving as a player. SmithZz is looking to make a return to competitive play. Jerome "Nia" Sudries, G2's current general manager, will be taking over as coach immediately.

G2 is currently in the midst of a month long break from offline action and had previously announced that in accordance with that break, shox would be out of the lineup for two weeks while undergoing wrist surgery.

"[shox] will remain as interim 5th player for all official games until mixwell takes over, allowing shox to prepare for his impending wrist surgery and recovery, without any added pressure," read the press release. "Once mixwell joins the team, shox will no longer be a part of the starting roster."

SmithZz will also remain a part of G2 for the duration of mixwell's trial period. mixwell will join the team once his he finishes playing WESG in China with Spanish team Wololos.

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