The Best of VAC-worthy shots in CS:GO

by Alex Debets, Colin McNeil May 4


If you’ve watched enough CS:GO, no doubt you’ve encountered this three-letter acronym before. You’ve probably seen it spammed in Twitch chat after a nutty jump-shot, a crazy flick, or just an insane one-tap.

VAC stands for Valve Anti-Cheat. It’s an automated system brought in place to help weed out those unscrupulous players who just can’t seem to play the game fair. If you do get hit with a VAC ban, it is permanent, and it is non-negotiable.

Now, to be clear, we are not talking about actual VAC banned players or plays in this video. And we’re not accusing any of the pros featured of cheating, we’re simply showing you plays so good, timing so precise, and gamesense so on-point, it looks like they could be.

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