theScore esports Daily: (June 12): jdm announces free agency and disgraced Chinese CS:GO team Fierce Tiger disband

by theScore Staff Jun 12
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jdm64 becomes free agent

Josh "jdm64" Marzano is now a free agent, he announced on Twitter Tuesday.

The 28-year-old was a member of Team Liquid, however he had not played with the team since January, where they were unable to make their way past the group stage of the ELEAGUE Boston Major.

Fierce Tiger disband their CS:GO roster

After being disqualified from two events in the month of May, Fierce Tiger have announced the disbandment of their CS:GO roster. This team has been surrounded by controversy after allegations arose when one of their opponents accused them of sabotaging their internet in the final of an online qualifier.

Their first disqualification came when one of their players, Kun "LEo" Hou, received a VAC ban on one of his accounts. Shortly after that, the team competed in the Asia Minor's Chinese open qualifier where their oppoinents, VG.Flash, were forced to forfeit in the grand final due to unexpected internet issues. The team was then ordered by FACEIT to replay the match but they refused.

Following an investigation from FACEIT, the team was linked with another player with the gamer tag "tbgirl", who also had a VAC banned account. FACEIT then decided to ban the team from the Asia Minor as well.

The Chinese organization issued a statement today on Weibo, discussing the team's future.

The organization stated that, "In respect to Valve and VAC, as well as taking responsibility for the other four players that was dragged into this issue innocently, we hereby announce that we will disband our CS:GO team... They are free to join any team and continue with their professional career with immediate effect."

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