Team Liquid, MIBR exchange TACO and zews for Stewie2K

by Daniel Rosen Dec 21
Thumbnail image courtesy of Rich Lock / RFRSH Entertainment

Made in Brazil and Team Liquid have traded two of their star players to each other, with player Epitácio "TACO" de Melo Pessoa Filho and coach Wilton "zews" Prado headed to MIBR in exchange for Jake "Stewie2K" Yip going over to Liquid.

"I’m excited to work and play with players that I’ve known coming up in the scene. The team has been rising each year and I’ve seen good progression over time," Stewie2K said in a press release. "I think we have a bright future ahead of us and we can meet our expectations given time. I have a good feeling about this move and I believe it’s for the better. Only we can hold us back now."

According to Liquid's press release, TACO and zews requested a transfer earlier this year, which kicked off negotiations with MIBR. Zews has coached Liquid since 2016, while TACO joined the team in April.

Most recently, Liquid has had an incredibly consistent run, with second place finishes at several premier tournaments. For much of 2018, Liquid were considered the best team in NA, and were able to compete with Astralis in several Grand Finals.

Meanwhile, the MIBR roster has struggled since leaving former organization SK Gaming. The two-time Major winning lineup has not won a premier tournament all year, most recently placing 3rd-4th at the ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals.

Notably, TACO was benched by SK in March before his transfer to Liquid, which makes this move a reunion with his former, Brazilian teammates. Similarly, zews coached the roster until July 2016 before moving to Immortals.

With this move, Tarik "tarik" Celik is the only non-Brazilian player on MIBR, it is unclear if there are any plans to shift him off the team.

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