18 years of Insane and Iconic Plays: Dust 2’s Greatest Hits (CS:GO, Source and 1.6)

by Colin McNeil, Dennis Gonzales Jan 18

To say Dust 2 is a staple in Counter-Strike would be one hell of an understatement. Since its release in CS 1.1, it has become the quintessential CS map.

In this video we’ll be taking you on a tour through all the iconic spots on Dust 2, reliving all the iconic moments.

That means we’ll start from the B bombsite and Tuns, move on to Mid and the infamous double doors, all the way to the Catwalk and Long A over at the A bombsite.

We’re also going to be taking a trip back in time, to some of the best plays we could find from competitive Source and 1.6

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