The Rise and Fall of CS:GO's Most Iconic Pistol Player

by Matt Massey, Dimitri Pascaluta, Brandon Mistele, Miles Hackett, Alina Sotula a month ago

What does it take to be the absolute best at something? Is it an unwavering, unquestionable self-belief? Is it the countless hours of grueling practice? Maybe it’s just a natural, God-given talent. Or, maybe it has to do with a little bit of luck?

For most players, it’s probably a combination of all those things. But in the case of CS:GO legend "dennis," his specific talent remains a bit of a mystery. And throughout his long career as one of Counter-Strike’s most feared, frugal skull shatterers, dennis didn’t need to explain much. Instead, the stoic Swede preferred to let his pistol do the talking.

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