What happened to Korea at Worlds 2018?

by Alex Debets, Sean Wetselaar, Daniel Rosen Dec 13

At Worlds 2018, the impossible happened. By now you’ve heard the story. We’ve only made three other videos about it.

The defending world champions, Gen.G, lost in groups. 1-5. The powerhouse first seed, KT Rolster, went down in quarterfinals. A close series, but they lost 3-2. And the Afreeca Freecs completed the trend with a 3-0 loss to Cloud9.

It’s not just the first time that a Korean team missed the finals since they got a server. It’s not just the first time that they didn’t win the finals since 2013. Korea didn’t make it out of quarterfinals. Gen.G only won a single game.

For the greatest region in the history of the game, it was a disaster. But what happened?

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