How a Creative Cringelord Freed Esports Broadcasts From Being Boring as F@*k

by Matt Massey, Dimitri Pascaluta, Danny Burke, Brandon Mistele, Miles Hackett, Sean Wetselaar May 25

What makes an esports caster legendary?

Is it their innate ability to perfectly capture exactly what you’re feeling? Their ingenious ability to improvise that raises the hair on the back of your neck? Or maybe it’s their capacity to string together words that transcend the very games they’re casting?

But what if they also brought something to casting that’s so often overlooked - what if they brought themselves?

Well, in European League of Legends, you’ll have a hard time finding anyone who's more comfortable in his own skin than Andrew “Vedius” Day. A wacky Welsh caster who has successfully carved out his own niche using cringe humour, analysis and of course, his boundless personality.

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