How a Controller-Wielding Shotgun Spammer Started Sh*tting on Valorant Pros

by Shihab Mian, Dimitri Pascaluta, Niall McCrossan, Miles Hackett, Jason Durante a month ago

It doesn’t matter what game you play, you’re always going to encounter psychopaths in match-making. But among the trolls, the obvious aimbotters and the testosterone fueled baby ragers, there exists a different breed of sadist. Players who have refined bullshit into an art form with strats that could only be concocted in ranked ladders.

However, in Valorant, an esport in which, if the developers are to be believed, "shooting matters," there exists a player who spits in the face of that concept. An absolute menace who isn’t just regularly brushing elbows with the best players at the game’s highest ranks but terrorizing them with one busted-ass knobknocker.

To some, he’s an urban legend but, to others, he’s all too real and known simply as Dasnerth, Valorant’s controller-wielding, Judge-abusing, Cypher-maining one-trick.

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