Infiltration "withdraws" from 2018, 2019 CPT and is released from Panda Global following assault investigation

by Daniel Rosen Nov 15 2018
Thumbnail image courtesy of ELEAGUE

Lee "Infiltration" Seon-woo has "voluntarily withdrawn" from the 2018 Capcom Cup finals and the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour season and been released from his team, following Capcom and PG finding that he was fined for "violence" against his ex-wife under the Korean legal system.

Allegations surrounding Lee surfaced in September in a Reddit post made by an anonymous user.

According to a statement from PG, their investigation found that "a majority" of these claims were false, but that Lee was involved in an altercation with his then-wife in October 2017. That incident then led to a temporary restraining order issued against Lee, and a fine of 700,000 KRW, approximately $630.

In a separate statement made through PG, Lee insisted that he was innocent, and did not assault his ex-wife. He claims he will explain his position later. According to a video statement released by PG, Lee intends to go back to court.

The anonymous Reddit post alleged that Lee and his ex-wife were embroiled in a series of lawsuits regarding his physical abuse of her while they were married, and after their divorce.

In that video statement, PG CEO Allan Bunney stated that his organization's investigation found that Lee was charged with "violence," which Bunney states is the equivalent of a misdemeanor battery charge in the US, and that Lee is not involved in any further litigation regarding that incident.

"It is not within Panda Global's authority to rule on what occurred that night, despite Infiltration's claims of innocence," Bunney stated in the video. "Regardless of the circumstances, this charge exists on his record. As such, Panda Global has terminated our contract with Infiltration."

Capcom's investigation yielded similar results, according to their statement, with "some" of the allegations being "inaccurate," while they found that Lee was indicted for an October 2017 altercation. As part of Capcom's decision, Lee will not be allowed to attend any CPT events until 2020, and any future offense will result in a lifetime ban.

"While this incident did not happen during a Capcom Pro Tour event, we do not condone any acts of violence or harassment," Capcom stated in a press release. "We want to ensure that Capcom Pro Tour provides a safe, inviting environment focused on healthy competition, with an expectation for a baseline code of conduct."

Capcom has only handed down a decision of this nature once before, when they banned Noel Brown from attending 2016 CPT events after he sexually harassed a woman at Combo Breaker 2016.

As a result of Lee's disqualification from the 2018 CPT and Capcom Cup finals, every player below his former spot on the CPT leaderboard — 11th — will be moved up by one spot.

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